Shri Siddhantha

Veerashaiva Dharma Granth


History of Veerashaiva & Shri Siddhanthashikhamani

Veerashaiva Dharma is the foremost among the ancient Dharmas of India. This Dharma has the tradition which hails through every Yuga. On the direction of lord Shiva, the Jagadguru Panchacharyas emerged from the Lingas at the commencement each Yuga and established this Dharma. The five Peethas of this Dharma have been established at Rambhapuri (Karnataka), Ujjayini (Madhya Pradesha and Karnataka), Kedara (Uttaranchala), Shrishaila (Andhra Pradesha) and Kashi (Uttara Pradesha). They have been rendering many welfare activities for the good of the entire mankind. They are the great national Peethas of the Veerashaiva Dharma.

          Shri Jagadguru Renukacharya of Rambhapuripeetha granted Padividi-sutra to the great sage Agastya, Shri Jayadguru Darukacharya of Ujjayinipeetha granted Vrishti-sutra to the great sage Dadhichi, Shri Jagadguru Ghantakarnacharya of Kedarapeetha granted Lambana-sutra to the great sage Vyasa, Shri Jagadguru Dhenukarnacharya of Shrishailapeetha granted Mukthaguccha-sutra to the great sage Sananda and Shri Jagadguru Vishwakarnacharya of Kashipeetha granted Panchavarana-sutra to the great sage Durvasas. These five sutras are the original sutras which propound the philosophy of the Veerashaiva Dharma.

          The philosophy of Veerashaiva Dharma is called by the names Shivadhvaita, Vesheshadvaita and Shaktivishisthadvaita. The original sources of this doctrine are found Veda, Upanishads and the twenty-eight Shaivagamas from Kamika to Vathula. Shri Shivayogi Shivacharya who was deeply conversant with Vedas and Agamas and who was endowed with the title Chakravarthin among the Shivayogins, has presented in the form of a dialogue between Shri Shivayogi Shivacharya and sage Agastya, the Veerashaiva Siddhanta found in Veda and Agamas. That text is called Shri Siddhantashikhamani, which is the first and foremost work to have extended the Shatsthala Siddhanta including the doctrines of Ashtavarana and Panchacharas into a doctrine of one hundred and one Sthalas. Since it has emerged a Prasada vani (pleasing speech) of the Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya, it is a text called Prasadika, i.e, the text in the speech which is sweet and which confers favour. Those who recite this grantha and study it, will get all wealth and happiness of this world and attain Mukthi which is in the form of Linganga Samarasya (absorbing of the Anga, the Jiva, with Linga, Shiva). With a view to making all people obtain enjoyment and liberation, this text has been incorporated into the website. This text has been translated into kannada by Kashi Jagadguru Dr.Chandrashekara Shivacharya Mahaswamiji, into Marathi by S.D.Pasarkar, Sholapur, into Telugu by Dr.K.Pratap, Tirupathi, into Tamil by Dr.Ganeshan, Pandicherry, into Malayalam by Smt.Ambika Appukuttan, Tiruvankulam, into Hindi by Dr.Chaturvedi, Varanasi, into English by Dr.M.Sivakumaraswamy and into Russian by Kumari Yuliya(Gowri), Kieve, Uchrain. These translations are also available in this website.